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One thing I want to point out is cooking. I have no idea how to cook, which is a problem, because I have to cook all my meals. But I figure, the best way to learn how to cook, is when you’re the only one around to feed yourself. Now, I very well could go out and buy lots of premade meals, but that cost would build up fast… and I would guess that a lot of the meals wouldn’t taste very good.

SO, to solve this problem, my friends and I have decided that once a week or so we’re all going to cook dinner together to help each other out. So far it’s been helping me a lot. I can now cook chicken, make some tasty pasta mixes, and some very nummy stir fry. Here are some of our meals! Enjoy, I sure did!


One of my favorite meals now!

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Heyy, soo sorry about the delay between my last post. Life here has been so excited and entertaining. I’ve been having a blast checking out the night life here in Cork. I’ve some great friends here, and we’re a force to be reckoned with. Everyone around here is a lot of good craic! Each night is very different around here though. So you have to make sure you go to the right places on the right nights.

Sunday+Monday: Okay nights, but they’re kind of slow. Nothing bad though. I could go out on Sundays due to the fact I have no classes on Monday, but I usually stay in and relax with a good dinner.

Tusdays+Thursday: Now these would be the nights to go out. Don’t ask me why, but every place is packed. Most of the clubs have student nights on Tuesday, so it’s easy to go dancing. Havana Browns is great. It’s a multi floor club with multiple dance floors, and good seating areas. Every other night of the week Havana’s is 21 and up though. We figure this is true because they want appeal to older clubbers (21-30ish). Bailey’s is a great place to go too. They’re also two floors. There will be good local live music on the first floor a lot of nights, and dancing upstairs. Last Tuesday the 2nd floor was packed and was soo much fun. You have to keep in mind, dancing here is a little different than in the states. There’s a lot of bouncing and dancing around each other, whereas in the states it’s mostly grinding.

Wednesday+Saturday: So, Wednesday’s tend to be more populated than Saturdays, but there about the same. A lot of local students go home on the weekend, so Saturdays tend to be populated with the young working population. Wednesday’s are chill as well. They’re usually a mix of college students and the younger working population. Most places are easy enough to get into. Good music no matter where you g, that’s what’s really matters.

Fridays: Fridays are only really different because most places are 21 and up. A lot of the clubs are impossible to get into if you aren’t old enough. Although I’ve managed my way in by being a nice little America (strict with their rules here aren’t they). Baileys tends to be 21 and up, but if its earlier or a slow Friday they’ll let some younger people in. (side note, I’m 2 months away from being 21, so I can sneak around a lot of the age limits around here). Your best bet on Fridays is the An Brog (literally means The Shoe in Gaelic), Gorby’s (the small, but very fun club above An Brog), or Mardykes.

Now, having listed a few bars, these are not all the ones I have visited. The thing is, these are the places I like the most, and seem to have the best environment. Also, in the states its typical to bar hop, or at least change venue once or twice before settling in. Around here a lot of people pick one place and stick to it. This also happens because smaller bars close at midnight, and everything else closes at 2. Odd, I know. So at 2 everyone is pouring out into the streets.

Once in the streets a few things will happen. Being Ireland, and no I’m not stereotyping, there are some fights. Too much testosterone and alcohol can make even the nicest of men (or women) idiots. I saw my first fights go down last Tuesday night on the court house steps. A lot of the best bars are on Washington Street, which also houses the court house (with lots of steps). My friends and I were sitting down for a little bit and got a show for free. The steps there also provide a place to meet people. No one really wants to go home by 2, so a lot of people stay around and talk. Even better, there are a couple of very VERY late night fast food places around the same area. So people get their drunk snacks and continue on their way.

If you ever wanted some free, late night entertainment, look no further than Washington Street. There’s bound to be something interesting going on. Haha.

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So my first week in Ireland came to a close. My dad and Deb left to Dublin on Wednesday, orientation was Thursday and Friday, and this weekend was left for me to meet some new people and have a few good drinks.

I finally felt better by Friday and was able to get my student ID and take a nice long campus tour. I met a couple new girls during my tour, Katherine, Alison, and Erica. After spending most of the tour talking, Katherine, Alison and I wondered off into the city to get some delicious shakes from Hot Shakes. No lie, there’s probable over 100 flavors there. I got Milky Way. SO GOOD. There are so many options it’s not even funny. You can’t just order chocolate, there’s over 30 chocolate flavors alone. I narrowed my choice down to a few; Milky Way, Rolo, Cadbury, or Twix. Hard decision, I know. There really is no wrong choice.


I went out to the bars Saturday night with the same girls. We walked around and looked at a few, but we ended up at a place called Mardyke’s. It’s definitely more of a younger crowd (college age) compared to the other bars. There’s a lot to do there as well. They had a couple bowling lanes, lots of space for Snooker (or pool as we know it), and ping pong tables. The first thing you notice though is the music. I don’t know if it was just that night, but everything they were playing was pop music from the 90’s. The people I was with have now declared that I will have the most awesomely epic birthday party there with tons of 90’s pop music. I sincerely hope they follow through with that promise.


Sunday was a big day for me. Chelsea was playing Manchester United… AND I had a full venue of bars in my grasp to go enjoy the match like a good soccer game should be. Sadly, Chelsea lost, but it was a very good game. The bar I was at, SoHo, seemed to be split when it came to supporting either team. I split some absolutely scrumptious nachos with a friend, and had a couple good drinks.


All in all, this has been a pretty damn good week. I can’t wait to see how this week goes!

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Orientation was this morning (September 15th). Getting up and to the lecture hall was easy enough. Unfortunately, once I arrived I began to feel very under the weather. I received my packet and excused myself from the hall. Even more fun for me, I almost passed out due to the blood rushing out on my head when I entered the hallway. Even better, I almost threw up… yeah, awesome way to start the semester, I know. I ended up going back to my appt. and falling asleep for another 5 hours. I woke up still feeling nasty, and have been feeling that gross since.

  1. This is a horrible way to start the semester. It caused me to not meet any new students, stopped me from learning about a lot of information I needed to know, and to be quite honest, it was fairly embarrassing.
  2. While I may have had a crappy start, I did manage to meet Karen McSweeny, who is the head of the International Education Office. Also, met a very kind lady named Mary Steele, who had recently retired from working in the same office as Karen. Mary was nice enough to offer to drive me back to my appt.

It’s nice to know that even in a completely different country, the locals are just as caring and helpful as I would hope. Both Karen and Mary said the best thing for me to do was to go back and rest for the day. I had already received my orientation packet, which had the times for my campus tour and the time to pick up my student ID. Karen said that I could speak with her tomorrow and she would go over what I needed to know as well. It made me feel much better that everyone working is so open minded and easy going. The last thing I wanted was to make a horrible first impression, but they were very helpful in making me feel comfortable and reassured me that everything would be just fine.


SO, to conclude my worst day here so far, I will be going to bed with desperate hopes that I will feel up to my campus tour tomorrow. I would love to meet new students without looking as pale as a ghost.

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To start off, I would like to apologize for my how random my thoughts will be coming out in this post. My mind is still suffering somewhat from this terrible thing called jet lag. On the other hand, my the process that thoughts go through in my head has made sense only to a few people, one of them being my mother. Love you mom 😀

OK, start from the beginning. I guess that means… The flight over was a cake walk, we got in ahead of schedule, and no one was sitting next to me, so I had room to stretch! I flew over with my dad and my stepmother through Aer Lingus. It was nice having an all Irish staff on the plane. Now that I think about it, the flight served as a good transition into the Irish culture. The only change I would have made about my flight was being able to sleep. My body was dying to sleep, but my mind refused to shut up and let me fall into a ever so pleasant and needed slumber. I did however get to enjoy seeing a new movie, ‘Hanna,’ on the flight. The landing was kinda sticky, but apparently we were landing in the leftovers of hurricane Katia! So Kudos to our captain! She did a great job landing considering the 60 mph’ish winds. WOO that was fun… I had the pleasure of watching my step-mom try extremely hard not to vomit due to the turbulence. Hah, sorry Deb, but I could help and laugh a little at your death grip on the arm rest.

We arrived in Dublin at about 5:45 in the morning. Customs was simple, and since the airport was empty we got out quickly with our rental car. We have the pleasure of driving a big ass, diesel, Ford, mini van. We got into Cork a lot faster than expected as well. No thanks to Moyra. Moyra being the name my father gave to the worst GPS system on earth that came with our rental car. Regardless of her horrible vocal directions, we made it into cork at about 9 in the morning (for here), which would have been about 4 in the morning for peeps in the states (I think). I arrived at my apartment at The Spires, and Adele, who runs the building, was very kind to show my around the building and to my room. I dropped my bags off to lose some weight and then proceeded to go out and hunt for breakfast somewhere in the city center. My father and I stopped by Penny’s, which is like a small version of Macy’s, before getting breakfast (Deb was slightly incapacitated in the back of the van due to some Dramamine).  Although I had pre-purchased a bedding package from the apartment providers, it only supplied a fitted sheet, which was kinda nasty, just sayin, a pillow, and a plain white comforter. At Penny’s my dad and I purchased a few items on my list. We quickly proceeded to get some breakfast from a great smelling bagel store. I was happy because at that point I was starving, and the girl working their made the bagels fast, and they were only a couple euro’s each.

Returning to my appt. I unpacked my clothes and set my room up best I could with what supplies I had with me. I was fairly exhausted at the time, so I honestly can’t remember if I had lunch, and I don’t think we did, which would explain my upset stomach at the time. There’s a small grocery right nearby my place, so I’ll be able to get food quickly if need be. At that point though, the only thing on my mind was sleep. NAP TIME… all better. After a short rest period My father, Deb and I regrouped and went to a super awesome sports bar for dinner. Setting: SOHO, on a windy night… Characters: hungry, thirsty, and tired Americans. The food was really good, the table we sat at had a built in tap. If you wanted, you could start a tab behind the bar, and a computer just keeps track of the amount of beer your table drinks from the tap. Pretty cool huh? yeah, I thought so too. The music system in the bar was fantastic too. I may have to return at some point, specially since they’re having a Saved By the Bell 90’s night theme!!!

After a overly busy day, and too many sleepless hours, I meandered back to my appt and fell asleep by 9:30.

Today we went out and shopped for the rest of the stuff on my list of stuff my mother so kindly provided me with before I left. Items such as: q-tips, hairdryer, batteries, food, shampoo, soap… etc.  I have a phone now too. It’s a pre-paid plan so I can pay as I go with texts and calling. My phone plan is under the Meteor. apparently they are a popular service for students due to their low rates.

Well now, I believe I am still a tad bit jet laggy, but I promise to continue my posts at a later time. I still need to discuss my apartment, roommates, and other such pleasantries.


But wait, there’s more!

FUN FACT! Have you ever found yourself out at the bar, gone to the bathroom, and found that your hair has frizzed to be higher than Snookies? well fear no more. For only 2 Euros you can use the straightener for a short period of time.

Yeah, that’s right, they have straighteners in some of the bathrooms. Crazy awesome, I know



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Hey everybody!! Welcome to my blog! Here is where I will be sharing my adventures in Ireland. Included will be photos, stories, random facts… and my personal opinions of all my experiences.


Have Fun

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