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Orientation was this morning (September 15th). Getting up and to the lecture hall was easy enough. Unfortunately, once I arrived I began to feel very under the weather. I received my packet and excused myself from the hall. Even more fun for me, I almost passed out due to the blood rushing out on my head when I entered the hallway. Even better, I almost threw up… yeah, awesome way to start the semester, I know. I ended up going back to my appt. and falling asleep for another 5 hours. I woke up still feeling nasty, and have been feeling that gross since.

  1. This is a horrible way to start the semester. It caused me to not meet any new students, stopped me from learning about a lot of information I needed to know, and to be quite honest, it was fairly embarrassing.
  2. While I may have had a crappy start, I did manage to meet Karen McSweeny, who is the head of the International Education Office. Also, met a very kind lady named Mary Steele, who had recently retired from working in the same office as Karen. Mary was nice enough to offer to drive me back to my appt.

It’s nice to know that even in a completely different country, the locals are just as caring and helpful as I would hope. Both Karen and Mary said the best thing for me to do was to go back and rest for the day. I had already received my orientation packet, which had the times for my campus tour and the time to pick up my student ID. Karen said that I could speak with her tomorrow and she would go over what I needed to know as well. It made me feel much better that everyone working is so open minded and easy going. The last thing I wanted was to make a horrible first impression, but they were very helpful in making me feel comfortable and reassured me that everything would be just fine.


SO, to conclude my worst day here so far, I will be going to bed with desperate hopes that I will feel up to my campus tour tomorrow. I would love to meet new students without looking as pale as a ghost.

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