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Tuesday, October 11th, 2011 | Author:

One thing I want to point out is cooking. I have no idea how to cook, which is a problem, because I have to cook all my meals. But I figure, the best way to learn how to cook, is when you’re the only one around to feed yourself. Now, I very well could go out and buy lots of premade meals, but that cost would build up fast… and I would guess that a lot of the meals wouldn’t taste very good.

SO, to solve this problem, my friends and I have decided that once a week or so we’re all going to cook dinner together to help each other out. So far it’s been helping me a lot. I can now cook chicken, make some tasty pasta mixes, and some very nummy stir fry. Here are some of our meals! Enjoy, I sure did!


One of my favorite meals now!

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